Defence Capability Management - Fundamentals

This course introduces the fundamental behaviours, principles, concepts and framework of the Aust Defence Organisations Capability Policy

About this event

Area of Interest: Capability Management

Course Summary

This 2-day live simulcast online course introduces the fundamental behaviours, principles, concepts and framework of the Australian Defence Organisations Capability Policy. The course provides the foundation knowledge for participants to understand the Defence Capability Framework and operate in a Capability Development, Delivery, Sustainment or Disposal position. As part of a broader suite of Capability Courses, this course sets the fundamental knowledge set necessary to progress to intermediate and advanced courses.

No prior knowledge is assumed.

Duration: 2 Days

Delivery Mode: Live simulcast. 

Course Outline


Providing the right capability involves addressing a complex and dynamic set of issues.

The objective of Defence’s capability processes is to provide Government with a set of capabilities that include the most appropriate options to address its strategic priorities within the available resources, and the flexibility to adjust over time to meet emerging challenges.

Understanding the Framework

• Fundamental Inputs to Capability

• Capability Program Architecture

• Relationships with Government

• Capability Management

Understanding Roles

• Joint Force Authority

• Capability Managers

• Domain Leads

• Program, Project and Product Sponsors

• Program, Project and Product Delivery Managers

• Contestability

Understanding Phases

• Strategy and Concepts

• Risk Mitigation and Requirement Setting

• Acquisition

• In-Service and Disposal


• Group exercises to reinforce the concepts discussed in the course.

• The course ends with a multiple-choice and short response test to serve as a reminder of the key points thought during the course.

Who should attend

This introductory course is for anyone who is new to Defence Capability Positions or Industry Professional seeking to understand the Defence Capability Framework. The content in this course can be applied to a range of industry sectors with a forward thinking major Capability requirement including Defence, Other Government, Infrastructure, Transport, Mining, Construction and more.


Presenter information

Dan Lord

Daniel Lord is a Defence and Defence Industry Specialist. He has served both in Defence as a Warfare Officer in the Royal Australian Navy, in both the Single Service and Joint environments, and in Defence Industry across Modelling and Simulation, Data Analytics, Project and Program Management, Governance, Strategy Development and Capability Design, Delivery and Management.

He holds a Master of Project Management from the University of New South Wales, Master of Leadership and Management in Education and a Bachelor of Teaching/Bachelor of Arts from the University of Newcastle. As a Defence professional he is a Principal Warfare Officer and Force Warfare Officer with the Royal Australian Navy, specialised in Surface/Sub-Surface and Information Warfare.