Bachelor of Arts (Honours)

Discover Your Niche & Thrive

Have you enjoyed researching as part of your Bachelor of Arts degree? Do you want to deepen your knowledge and skills while researching something that invigorates you? Studying Arts Honours at UNSW Canberra allows you to research a topic of your choice surrounded by experts and like-minded peers. Develop your expertise and set yourself up to reach your career goals.

Studying Arts Honours at UNSW Canberra

Our Bachelor of Arts (Honours) consists of one-year full-time study at UNSW Canberra. Over the year, you’ll plan and implement a research project on a topic of your choice.  

Students often choose from one of the following areas to pursue research in: 

  • Indonesian studies 
  • international relations 
  • English and media studies 
  • history 
  • human geography 

You will also complete coursework curated to help bolster your research skills and knowledge of your chosen area of specialisation. At the end of the year, you’ll present this hard work and research in your honours thesis. 

Learn with Outstanding Educators

As an Arts Honours student, you’ll have the chance to work one-on-one with one of our world-class academics on your research project.  They will support you to hone your project and develop your research, critical thinking, and writing skills. You’ll also become a part of UNSW Canberra’s close-knit research community working alongside academics and PhD students. You will have plenty of opportunities to participate in seminars and research workshops and make your mark at UNSW. 

Learn more about our outstanding educators and their research in the School of Humanities and Social Sciences. 


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Kickstart Your Career in Honours

After one extra year of full-time study, you will have: 

  • completed a significant independent research project  
  • a far greater understanding of your discipline’s approaches, perspectives, and traditions 
  • substantially improved your analytical, writing, and problem-solving skills. 

Your analytical and management skills and ability to tease out the wider societal implications of decision-making will be highly valued in a diverse range of workplaces across government and industry. Many Arts Honours graduates go on to further develop their research skills with a masters by research or PhD.  

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