You may undertake personal copying of items using your handheld device or place an order for copies using our digitisation on-demand service.

Self-Service Copying

Personal copying using your phone or camera, or our overhead scanner, is encouraged providing the following conditions are met:

Self-Service Copying Protocols

  • It is your personal responsibility to understand and comply with the Copyright Act 1968 and associated amendments before copying (including by phone, camera and scanning). If you infringe copyright then the copyright owner has the right to litigate against you.
  • Your intention to use a personal camera must be signalled on each visit so that Special Collections staff can explain if there are any restrictions on specific items.
  • You must ensure that items are not damaged or dismantled in order to take a photograph —for example by attempting to press a large tightly bound book flat to photograph it, or to separate records held together by clips. You may take a tripod into the reading room, so long as it does not touch or damage the items being copied. Use of flash is not allowed.
  • To protect collection material, personal scanning by use of flatbed scanners or handheld devices that touch the surface of the item is not allowed. Personal photocopying and tracing of items by clients are not allowed.

Digitisation on Demand

Special Collections also offers digitisation on-demand service for UNSW and non-UNSW researchers. You may place an order requesting us to supply you with a selection of digital scans or higher resolution images (if required permissions have been obtained). Please refer to our Copying Terms and Charges for more information about copying costs that apply. UNSW affiliated researchers are eligible for a designated number of gratis copies.

How to Submit a Copying Request

  • You may wish to Contact Us first, to obtain guidance on any permissions needed for your order, or to discuss any special requirements.
  • When ready to proceed, upload to our online Contact Us portal a signed Copy Request for an Unpublished Work or a Copy Request for a Published Work form, together with a Copyright Owner Permission Form if applicable. Please provide exact citations for the page/s you would like copied, and list the purpose for which you will be using the copies, any special requirements you have (for example high-resolution images for publication), and your timeline.
  • If you already have permission from the copyright owner, please attach a copy to the form. Please note that in cases where a researcher is seeking permission to copy for publication, then the person who will be publishing needs to seek permission (rather than the research assistant to that person).
  • Pre-payment is required before we can process your order – refer to our pre-payment instructions.

Pre-Payment Instructions

Pre-payment (in AUD) is required for all copying. Payment is made online via UNSW Online Payments page.

  1. In the box 'UNSW Canberra at ADFA' select 'other' from the drop down
  2. In the 'other' box select the drop down 'Library Fines & Fees'
  3. Fill in your contact details
  4. Select the Fee Type 'Copy Service'
  5. Add the correct amount you owe
  6. Do the calculation for what you see in the web captcha box e.g. 8 x 8 = 48 and enter the answer in the 'answer box'
  7. Click 'Add to cart'
  8. Remember to enter your email so that you get an invoice emailed to you, that you can send to us.
  9. Click 'Process payment'
  10. Click 'Pay by visa credit card'
  11. Enter your credit Card details
  12. Click 'pay now'
  13. You will see a message stating 'payment completed' and the GST Tax Invoice will appear on screen for printing. Take a screenshot of the invoice.
  14. Email us to let us know you have paid attaching either the PDF copy of your invoice, or the screenshot of the invoice. We will then process the order.

Copying Service Conditions

Special Collections staff will make copies on behalf of a researcher provided the following conditions are met:

  • The request complies with any specific terms of deposit for Special Collections manuscripts at UNSW Canberra, including restrictions on copying and access.
  • The request complies with the terms of the Copyright Act 1968 and associated amendments.
  • Copying of the item has been approved by Special Collections staff depending on the condition or fragility of item.
  • The client has made online pre-payment as described at Special Collections Charges and Payment Methods.