Infanterie étrangère


‘Infanterie étrangère’, D. de Noirmont & A. de Marbot, Costumes militaires français, Vol. 1: 1439-1714, 1854, Rare Folio UC535.F8 N64 1854

A collaboration between Joseph Anne Dunoyer de Noirmont (1816-1896) and Alfred Charles Adolphe de Marbot (1812-1865), this exquisitely illustrated history of French military uniforms, Costumes militaires français, was issued in multiple editions between 1830 and 1860.  

Noirmont was a French aristocrat, writer and illustrator, whilst Marbot was a magistrate, uniform expert, painter and descendant of the celebrated military family which achieved distinction in the Napoleonic Wars.  

Bound in three volumes, the work contains vibrant hand-coloured lithographs portraying French regimental officers in the period 1439-1815, including evocative renderings of uniforms, military headwear, weapons and accessories. 

Many of the designs depict animated scenes - like this one of 16th century foreign infantry officers - and some incorporate background features such as buildings and landscapes situating the portraits within an imagined historical setting.

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