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Engineering forms the foundation of the technologies that enhance the quality of our modern lives. From smart buildings and the Sydney Harbour Bridge to space travel and fast cars, engineers have shaped the way our world works. Engineers also tackle some of the world’s biggest problems. As we face global challenges presented by a changing climate, food and water scarcity, loss of biodiversity, and globalisation, the skills of engineers will only become more important. 

The School of Engineering and Information Technology (SEIT) at UNSW Canberra is an innovative community of students, educators, and researchers committed to building a healthier, more sustainable future. From cybersecurity and software engineering to sustainable infrastructure and space technologies, our mission is to foster the next generation of technology decision-makers that will shape Australia’s defence and security future. 

About Us

As the largest school at UNSW Canberra, we know that being great is not only about what can be achieved through skills and expertise. It’s also about how we conduct ourselves and work together to support a positive environment.  

Hear from Acting Head of School, Michael Barlow about what makes the School of Engineering and Information Technology at UNSW Canberra unique. Explore our School and discover the values that drive our teaching and research excellence.   

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Integrated Defence Focus

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Our job is to inspire engineering minds and nurture a passion for life-long learning. Whether you are an undergraduate student, a more experienced scholar, or part of our teaching team, we’ll support and inspire you every step of the way.  

Explore our undergraduate and postgraduate study options and discover the initiatives we have in place to ensure our teaching environment delivers an exceptional education experience.

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Research with Us

We are working at the forefront of engineering and technology research that both advances our understanding of the world and has a real-world impact. Backed by strong partnerships with prestigious industry partners, we’re engaged in cutting-edge exploration across areas especially important to Australia’s future security.  

From cybersecurity and artificial intelligence to renewable energy and resilient infrastructure, see how we are creating innovative solutions to the biggest issues facing our planet. 

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We know that delivering exceptional engineering and technology to society doesn’t begin or end when students come to us to undertake a degree. Recognising that we are part of a larger society, we are dedicated to actively building, strengthening, and extending our culture of engineering excellence into the wider community.  

We are committed to developing a wide range of initiatives to help support and enhance the development of skills, knowledge, and opportunities available within engineering and technology. 

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Our vibrant team are global leaders in engineering and technology research and teaching. Use our search tool to meet our team and learn more about our professors, lecturers, research associates, and more.  

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