Karine Pontbriand

Karine Pontbriand is a PhD Candidate in International Relations and Cyber Security at UNSW Canberra and is a member of the UNSW Institute for Cyber Security. She is also a research fellow at the Research Group on Cyber Diplomacy and Cyber Security at the Montreal Institute of International Studies (IEIM) and of the Future Operations Research Group. Before starting her doctoral studies, she worked as a policy analyst for Global Affairs Canada where she was focusing on the use of digital technology to advance Canada's foreign policy priorities. She has an undergraduate degree in International Relations and International Law and a master’s degree in International and Intercultural Communication (with Distinction, Highest Grade). Her main research interests are international cyber security, cyber diplomacy and cyber war, US-China cyber relations, and ethics, human rights and emerging technologies.

Relevant Publications:

Book Chapters

2017. Bouchard, Caroline, Luchs-Tassé, Chloé and Pontbriand, Karine (alphabetical order, equal contribution), “Expériences interculturelles et organisations internationales : enjeux interculturels au sein de l’Organisation des Nations Unies” [Intercultural Experiences and International Organizations: Intercultural Issues Within the United Nations], Chapter title in C. Montgomery and C. Bourassa-Dansereau (eds.), Mobilités internationales et intervention interculturelle [International Mobility and Intercultural Intervention], Montreal: University of Quebec Press (PUQ).

Journal Articles

2020. Pontbriand, Karine. “The Principles of Distributed Authority for Transnational Cybersecurity: Is Cooperation with China Possible?”, Journal of Information Warfare, Vol 19, No. 4, pp 44-56.

Conference Papers

2020. Pontbriand, Karine. “Distributed Authority as a Guiding set of Principles for Transnational Cyber Security Governance”. Proceedings of the 15th International Conference on Cyber Warfare and Security, Academic Conferences and Publishing International Ltd, presented at the Center for Cybersecurity Education and Research (CCSER), Old Dominion University (ODU), Norfolk, Virginia, United States.

2019. Pontbriand, Karine. “Cyber Entanglement: A Framework for the Study of U.S.-China Relations”. Proceedings of the 18th European Conference on Cyber Warfare and Security, Academic Conferences and Publishing International Ltd, presented at University of Coimbra, Portugal.

Policy Paper

2020. Pontbriand, Karine. “Canada's International Cybersecurity Strategy: Issues and Recommendations” [La stratégie internationale du Canada en matière de cybersécurité : enjeux et recommandations]. Montreal Institute of International Studies, Canada 

Magazine Article

2019. Pontbriand, Karine. “L’importance de la coopération en cybersécurité internationale” [The Importance of International Cybersecurity Cooperation]. Magazine Sans Frontières, 14-15. http://www.magazinesansfrontieres.com/article/limportance-de-la-cooperation-en-cybersecurite-internationale.html

Book Review 

2018. Pontbriand, K. [Review of the book Forging the World: Strategic Narratives and International Relations, by A. Miskimmon, B. O’Loughlin and L. Roselle]. Communiquer, 24, 121-125, http://journals.openedition.org/communiquer/3875

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