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Humanities and Social Sciences provide an understanding of how we navigate the world, what we can learn from our past and how we can make a difference going forward. At the UNSW Canberra School of Humanities and Social Sciences, we help develop the minds that shape Australia, the region and the international community. When you study Humanities and Social Sciences at UNSW Canberra you will learn from an internationally recognised team of academics and develop critical thinking skills that will prove invaluable in your chosen career. Our research is internationally recognised and explores complex global issues, including issues directly relevant to defence and Australia’s national security.

HASS - Our Research

Our Research

Our interdisciplinary research provides thought leadership and new insights on key challenges in the areas of Asia-Pacific Development & Security, Conflict & Society, Environment & Governance, Future Operations, International Ethics and Maritime Security.  

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As a UNSW Canberra Humanities and Social Sciences student, you will receive an outstanding education from leading experts. Whether you’re a future leader of the Australian Defence Force embarking on your undergraduate degree, or a budding academic commencing your career in research, discover why our school enjoys the highest rate of student satisfaction for our teaching and courses.

We offer a Bachelor of Arts programs to trainee officers in the Australian Defence Force. Majors include English and Media Studies, History, Indonesian Studies, and International Political Studies.  

Build on your existing knowledge with one of our masters degrees. Our postgraduate coursework programs are fully online and open to all qualified applicants.  

Our research degrees will allow you to apply your knowledge to an original project. You will work alongside world-class academics and make a significant contribution to your chosen field.   

We design and delivers custom-built intensive courses to government and industry organisations, including units within the Department of Defence. 

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Our People

The UNSW Canberra Humanities and Social Sciences team are global leaders in research and teaching. Use our search tool to meet our team and learn more about our professors, lecturers, research associates and more.  

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Navigating Uncertainty Podcast

Navigating Uncertainty draws on the expertise of UNSW Canberra academics to understand this unusual time of upheaval, turmoil and contradiction.

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Australian naval history

Australian Naval History Podcast

The Australian Naval History podcast discusses notable events in the history of the Royal Australian Navy. It draws on the expertise of UNSW Canberra academics and former naval officers.

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Naval Studies Group